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The Weekend Part 1: Pumpkin Beer September 12, 2011

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It’s Monday and I’m back on the interwebs from a weekend offline. I will also add that my eyes had not gazed at any television screen since our arrival until last night – watching the NY Jets beat Dallas was a superb way to kick back in the zone. But I do not miss TV at all. All this outdoorsyness has made me question even owning a TV, it’s so loud and frenetic. But I do like my movies. So I shall keep the TV for the purpose of movies. Media epiphany solved.

ANYwhozer. I can’t cover this weekend in one entry…  so be sure to keep up.

Friday we were supposed to meet up with two other friends for some twilight downhill mountain biking at Winter Park. Alas, they closed the lifts early, so we settled for a short hike up Berthoud Pass and a beer at Tommyknockers in Idaho Springs instead. Downed my first pumpkin brew of the season. Woohoo fall.

*NOTE* I’m going to start publishing smaller versions of the pictures and if you want to see a bigger size just click on them 🙂


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