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The Weekend Part 2: Badassness September 12, 2011

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Saturday we drove back up to Winter Park for downhill mountain biking attempt 2.o. Success! My nerves were at skydiving level, maybe even a little more knowing that I had complete control of the adventure this time instead of being safely strapped to a professional.

The hardest part was securing our bikes in their own bike rack-shaped ski lift while it was still moving. Downhill bikes are considerably heavier than Skinny B. All the padded gear I was wearing made me want to walk in slow motion everywhere to music from something like “The Matrix.”

Downhill biking is f*ckyou scary, people. We went down “Green World” three times and by the middle of the second run I stopped shaking like a leaf and got a solid feel for what I was doing. I felt pretty freakin’ badass, if I do say so myself. At the very end of the final run I hit a rock/tree combination a little too crooked and with jelly muscles and wiped out. Well, more like fell over. I think it earned me my biking street cred wings. I can hang. MORE PLEASE!

We took turns mounting the GoPro camera to our helmets, so I have video of the day – stay tuned for that.


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