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The Weekend Part 3: Rocky Mountain High September 13, 2011

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Last Sunday we traveled to Rocky Mountain National Park (or “RNP” per the locals) for a day of hiking. We hit an 8-mile round-tripper with a stop for lunch at The Loch, pictured. Unbelievably gorgeous. We made friends with some chipmunks, narrowly escaped a rattle snake (creepy) and enjoyed the day breaking in our new boots and trekking poles. The jury’s still out on whether/not I like hiking with poles. They’re supposed to help conserve energy (and burn more calories. Yes, I looked it up.), but when one is used to power hiking sans extensions, it takes a bit of getting used to.

On the way back to the sparkly city we stopped in Boulder to find out exactly what “Colorado-Style Pizza” is. It’s a thing here. Turns out it’s just a regular pizza with extremely bulbous layered crusts (Google Image it). And you get a plastic bear of honey when the pizza comes that is to be used on said XL crusts to make “dessert.” Interesting. And kinda tasty. Which I’m slightly ashamed to admit.

All-in-all a good day. Rattle snake scare and all.


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