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Escape from Civilization: Part 3 September 18, 2011

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After narrowly escaping the jaws of the slot canyon with our muddy legs intact we hopped back in the car and headed toward The Vegas. We got to drive through Monument Valley in Utah (think Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote) so naturally we stopped to snap some memories. Pretty freakin’ spectacular. Oh, also think “Forrest Gump.” (minute 5:09 below)

Then we got to cut across the bottom section of Zion National Park. Again feasting my eyes on landscape I could never have even painted in my mind. Zion is going on the unofficial “I Want To Go Back To There” list. Some day when I have more than 1 hour to see all there is to see.


One Response to “Escape from Civilization: Part 3”

  1. C. West Says:

    Remember that guy that got his arm stuck and cut it off. You should have had jelly legs.
    Sounds like a fun trip. I am Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

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