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waking up in vegas September 18, 2011

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I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!

Two nights ago I ran right into the brick wall of civilization that is Las Vegas. Land of light bulbs. I’m staying at The Luxor which is pretty cool in its Egyptian theme and has an elevator that goes sideways up the angle of the pyramid instead of straight up. If you’re drunk you feel normal. If you’re sober you feel drunk. Kinda like Las Vegas in general I guess… (friends don’t let friends blog drunk.)

It also has a beam of light that [urban legend says] can be seen in outer space.

Today I watched a bit of the Hokies play and it made me pretty homesick. I’ve been gone from the east coast for over two weeks now and have experienced amazing things (more to come)… but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Blacksburg on game day.

LA BFF Ann drove 4+ hours to join the fiesta this afternoon. After a tasty dinner at an oyster bar at Harrahs we partied at a line dancin’ country ‘n western establishment con mechanical bull at Treasure Island. No, I did not ride the bull. The horror. But I did try the Tush Push. Turns out I lack a little push in my tush… next time.


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