vaya con pance

lala land September 21, 2011

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My coast to coast is officially complete. I bought a charm for my charm bracelet a couple days ago that is simply an “X.” XCountry 2011. Wootie Woot. I’ve been in LA since Monday evening, after our 4.5-hour drive west gladly smokin’ the city of Lost Wages.

Monday night BFF Ann and I went on a run up to Griffith Park Observatory. I didn’t carry my camera but here is an image I found on The Google. It was pretty awesome up there. After the run I introduced Ann to pumpkin beer, but unfortunately it wasn’t a very pumpkin-y pumpkin (Shock Top – not recommended). I’ve been carrying a Netflix movie with me this whole time on the road – “Satisfaction” starring Justine Bateman and a young Liam Neeson – hoping that one of these nights would eventually lend itself to a relaxing stay-in-and-flick-it-up night. Monday night was just that. Stellar.

This morning, to continue the running theme, I drove to Santa Monica and went for a run on the beach boardwalk down to Venice and back. At the end I snapped a picture of the much-recognizable pier sign. If you are so inclined to re-watch my “Forrest Gump” clip, take notice of minute 1:13. How many times can Forrest be relevant on my trip? Let me count the ways.


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