vaya con pance

go north young pance September 22, 2011

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So this afternoon I am heading north to Portland, Oregon. Via airplane! No more driving!!! Wee Wee Weeeeeeeee.

It was sort of a random turn of events that led me to this course of action but the clipboard-of-fun includes a visit to Crater Lake National Park. This will put me back amongst the trees. I. can. not. wait. Eventually the plan will take me south and I’ll fly back home out of San Francisco.

I’m not sure I will ever be able to live in a city again. If anything, this adventure has taught me a lot about my likes/dislikes when it comes to different geographical environments. I really don’t like landscapes with zero shelter from the sun. Having it almost angrily beat down on me every minute, either in a car or otherwise, makes me feel claustrophobic. I need trees. And I like rain. And let’s not even discuss the appreciation for seasons. Folks out here think they’ve got a one-up on everyone because of the bankable sunny weather. Hog wash. Sure it’s lovely and I have blast when visiting… but I need a little yin with my yang. A little Coke with my Jack. A lopsided life just ain’t that interesting.


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