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sloth love beer September 24, 2011

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Yesterday I landed an hour late on the inaugural Spirit Airline flight into Portland, Oregon. That meant I deplaned to a giant corporate pat-on-the-back party with applause, cupcakes and sparkling cider. I met up with BFF Belz who, as circumstances seem to work out for those of us who are unemployed, happened to already be in California and decided to meet me for his inaugural trip to the Northwest.

Oregon is famous for several things really and among my favorites = hippies, evergreens, The Goonies rock and beer. We were extremely thirsty from travel and immediately visited two of the top microbrew pubs (according to the nice folks at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car counter = Deschutes and McMenamins). We figured running into hippies and evergreens would just come naturally. McMenamins even treated us to chocolate milkshake for dessert, made with their stout and a shot+ of Jameson. It was the best. thing. ever.

We had lunch at Le Bistro Montage, recommended to me as “quintessential Portland known for their mac ‘n’ cheese and leftover tinfoil animals.” And, wouldn’t you know it… on our way out of town we saw a very young, homeless hippie with an “I’m Hungry” sign. So she became the proud owner of my veggie sandwich wrapped in foil feline. Meow.

Then we headed south out of the big city and cut over to the 101 for some straight coastal drivin’. The Goonies rock is way too far north and out of the way (next time. knitiot?). But hippies, evergreens and beer? Check. Check. And Check!

We had a lovely dinner in the teeny town of Florence and tomorrow we’ll turn back inland to make our way to Crater Lake National Park. I will likely not have interwebs again for the next two/three nights… so prepare for a barage of pix once I plug back in.


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  1. knitiot Says:

    dead things, Mikey, dead things….

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