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coast to crater September 27, 2011

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Back in civilization part 2!! On Saturday we said “So long, farewell!” to the coast and took a scenic route inland which snakes along the Umpqua River. The second section of the byway, after crossing over I-5, is unofficially known as the “highway of waterfalls.” We stopped long enough to hike 2 of the 15 total falls.

After winding our way through the Southern Oregon countryside we arrived at Crater Lake National Park. It was already almost 6 o’clock in the evening so we more/less just studied the trail map over cocktails in the lodge lobby by the fireplace. We kept one eye out for Jack Nicholson, but he never showed.

Then we made our way down the mountain to check into our cabin at Union Creek Resort, about 25 miles away. We bought a 6-pack of Deschutes Black Butte Porter and rented a DVD to play on one of our laptops for the evening’s entertainment (“Stand By Me” – set in Oregon. Naturally). The smell immediately took me back to summer camp circa 11 years old. It’s amazing what gets branded in your senses. And still, after a bazillion years, nothing beats being tucked away in a forrest of trees for the night. Nothing.


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