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i’ll be your huckleberry September 27, 2011

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Beckie’s Cafe, the onsite restaurant at our outdoors-y resort, has pretty phenomenal food. We had one dinner and one breakfast there and laughed it up with some of the nicest folks this side of the Rogue River, on which the resort sits. (And when in Rome, of course, I was compelled to order a Rogue Dead Guy Ale with my meal). They are known for their pies, their homemade bread and their homemade cinnamon roll. Ummm, yes, yes and yes, please. For dessert the first night we ordered a slice of Huckleberry Pie a la mode. For the second, Peanut Butter Pie.

Early the next morning before tackling a full day of hiking at Crater Lake we started out climbing Beckie’s own snow-capped goodness. Mount Cinnamon Roll. Best darn bun I’ve tasted since Staunton, Virginia. We did a helluva job forking our way to the top, but in the end we had to leave it looking a little like an erupted volcano. Fitting.

For dinner the second night we got BBQ from a dude who set up his smoker every day in a covered wagon right outside the main lodge. One thing is fo sho, I’m not starving on this trip. I think a detox will be in order once I land back on the east coast. But until then I will continue to drink, eat and hike my way around this land of Oregon.


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