vaya con pance

wine and redwoods September 29, 2011

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On Monday of this week we left our Crater Lake cabin home and headed toward wineries in the Applegate region of Southern Oregon. On our self-guided tour we tasted a lot of Tempranillos (a fave) and white Gervertztraminers. Turns out I like a good dry Gervertztraminer. However, I can’t even pronounce it sober, so odds of me ever ordering it are slim.

The next day we logged 8 hiking miles in the Redwood Forests of Northern California. Dwarfed like gnomes. After spending hours in the shade and moisture of the forest I will admit the warm Cali sun felt lovely on my skin. The trees also remind me of one of the Disney movies I watched overandoverandover again as a wee Pance. Quality entertainment. Here I am pretending to be a Redwood. I blend right in, huh?


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