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this land is your land September 30, 2011

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[retro post]

I’m on a plane now, crossing back over a United States that I just spent the last month exploring, driving, eating, drinking, biking, slipping, jumping and hiking through. Sixteen hotels in all and a total mileage I can’t even begin to add up. I just glanced back over all of my pictures and noticed a commonality – how teeny tiny I appear  in front of the commanding backdrop of America. It’s almost as if the landscape and the emotion that goes with experiencing it swallowed me up. And that’s pretty much how it felt.

I’m swirly with excitement to see my family but I’m scared I won’t be able to rest very easily (I’ve never been good at stopping). I’m also scared of the big decisions that await me, having successfully put off real life for this most awesomely humbling adventure.

Saturday is my 36th birthday which I will celebrate with 3 of the best girlfriends around. Here’s hoping pumpkin beer is involved (because I can’t write a post without mentioning beer). What’s next is a big, fat, extra curvy question mark. But I think it’ll be OK. The trail will straighten out eventually. For now, though, it’s foliage ‘n’ football season in southwest Virginia… and I’m going home!


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