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besties October 5, 2011

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Ya know, I really hate the use of “besties” to mean “Best Friends.” It’s dumb and it sounds like a dog breed. BFF isn’t much better, but that seems to be what I’ve naturally adopted on GoGoPance. So here I am with three of my BFFs during our 1st Annual Radford Girls Reunion Weekend. Good times. Good times. A visit to Valhalla Vineyards on top of Bent Mountain in Roanoke… a drive around Smith Mountain Lake… some yummy mexican and about 3,422 beers too many by the host-home’s roaring fire. Cozy, warm ‘n’ drunk. Just like I like to spend my fall evenings.

Before settling in we went to a really cool gastropub on the lake. We met a lovely couple who also graduated from Radford but ten years before we did. There was much fun conversation comparing respective RU experiences. I must also note that the bartender graduated from Blacksburg High School in 2004. Yeesh. Bebe. However, he also went to UVA and seemed fairly directionless as he served up our pumpkin ale drafts. Poor, poor, young Wahoo.


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