vaya con pance

back in the saddle October 6, 2011

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I did my best to keep exercising while on my X Country Adventure. But it was hard. When the hotels had fitness centers I used them (always in the very early mornin’ as to not interrupt happy hour). I went on several runs and hiked and hiked over some rivers and through the woods, desert and all along the hilly, magically forested Cali coast.

But I never made it to a spinning class. The horror.

Yesterday I jumped back on the stationary bike beast at the Weight Club here in Blacksburg – still rockin’ a bum right foot. I just about died. Note to self – never let a significant lapse in spinning ever happen again. It’s not fun.

Tonight I’m going swimming with mi madre which I have never tried as exercise before. The last time I found myself in a pool of water I think I just bobbed around a lot and had a cocktail of the frozen variety in my hand. So this evening I’ll just swim back/forth for 30 minutes or so and see if I feel like I should be sweating. Something tells me it’s going to be harder than I think.


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