vaya con pance

time warp October 10, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — gogopance @ 10:01 am

I’ve been listening to XM radio’s “90s on 9” whilst I tool around Blacksburg and the larger NRV metropolitan area these few weeks and it’s really f’ing with my brain. Ya see, I’ve actually LIVED the 90s on these means streets: ’89-’93 as a Blacksburg High School Indian and ’93-’97 as a Radford University… ummm… upstanding, respectable college student.

When I’m driving through downtown and “I Saw the Sign” comes on I suddenly lose track of what decade it is. Am I driving to a frat party? Am I picking Cathy up at her dorm? All sorts of weird juju happens around me. Then they throw me a “Pump Up the Jam” and I’m totally lost. My body starts launching into whatever dance routine I can still instantly recall.

Side note, I’ve noticed that off-the-shoulder is coming back… but WHERE are the overalls, people!?! Bring it on, already!


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