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spectacular October 11, 2011

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On Saturday I volunteered in the Humane Society booth at the VT game with my aunt and uncle. The same VT game that everyone is continuing to talk about because the newscaster, commenting on our extreme fandome, said that we were all “losing our minds.” Damn skippy. It was very hard work but very fun annnnnd I got to watch the game for free (not to mention all the free popcorn and soda I could possibly fit in). There were 2200 leftover pizzas(!) at the end – likely because no one MOVED from their seats the entire second half.

And in other news, something just seems wrong here:


One Response to “spectacular”

  1. Gittar Says:

    Nice tongs!… were you grabbing wieners with those? I was watching the game when the announcer said that and I was like OMG.. they really are loosing their minds! Wouldn’t expect anything different from Tech! Wish I was there.

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