vaya con pance

over the river… October 14, 2011

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True to my inability to rest I’ve been testing the limits of my poor, poor right foot by biking, hiking, more hiking, winery’ing, a little swimming and some… well… I think that’s about it. I keep busy with things that I love so I won’t dwell on my professional stagnancy. It’s working so far.

Sunday I biked 25 miles along the New River Trail (unintentionally in the uphill direction). Tuesday I hiked to an old 1700s farm near the Blue Ridge Parkway after a visit to the Peaks of Otter Winery. Wednesday Knitiot and I went for her inaugural trip up McAfee’s Knob on the AT. The rain and foggy fall mist made the trail appear as if I hadn’t already hiked it twice before.

On my “off” days I’ve gone swimming for exercise to give my foot a breather. The thing about swimming is… it’s hard. And I can’t do it right because I have no idea how to breathe. But damn – if I wasn’t dripping with sterilized pool water I’d be dripping with sweat. But it’s different and new to me and that’s what I like about it. And it’s 1/3 of a Triathlon! (Let’s not mention I haven’t been running in 2.5 weeks, I will cry.) So here’s to finding a decent lap swimming joint in NYC. Other than the Hudson.


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