vaya con pance

chapter one January 9, 2012

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Three months shy of an even 9 years ago I moved into the top floor apartment of a shiny Greenpoint Brooklyn row house with two boys, Gracie, my college loft, a small photo album that aggregated my favorite memories to date and lots and lots of nerves. My room was a large closet. There was a rustic Polish bar on the corner that served free food during NFL halftimes and I could never find Hidden Valley Ranch in my grocery store. So Mom mailed me dressing. And croutons. I couldn’t find those either. The summer heat made me cry desperately in front of our opened refrigerator at 3AM. My eight block commute to the G train made me cry desperately of cold in January. But I was diving in, New York City had bitten me, and it was awesome.

Now I’m packing to leave. Biggest GGP *SIGH* ever uttered.

As part of my Final Countdown I will blog for you (but let’s be real, more for me), in no particular order, GoGoPance’s “Top 10 New York City Moments.”

I feel like anything I say about living here has already been said better, more poignant, with a not-always-so-humble cleverness. The city life has been told straight up, shaken, on the rocks and with a twist. Woody Allen, among others, has visually taken care of the rest. But these ten moments are mine and have not been otherwise memorialized.

I read Mary Cantwell’s “Manhattan, When I Was Young” my first summer here and I can pretty much guarantee I didn’t understand anything she was talking about. I’m rereading it now (more because it’s not packed yet, less because of the cute “life full circle” gesture). So far it’s making me sad, so I guess now is as good a time as any to write. No good writer is ever happy, of course.


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