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new york moment #8 January 27, 2012

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The famous Plaza Hotel, home of Eloise and Kevin McAllister and backdrop to countless scenes in cinema and television. One of New York’s more recognizable buildings, it’s commanded the Southeast corner of Central Park for over a century. An Apple store has recently gone in across the street, also famous in a contrasting “new money” way for its glass cube entrance loosely [poorly?] resembling The Louvre pyramid in Paris.

I imagine, though I have no proof, that not too long ago there was a blurred division of priorities when half of the city said, “The new Apple store? You know, it’s across the street from The Plaza.” While the other half said, “The Plaza Hotel? You know, it’s that building across the street from the Apple store.”

ANYwho. Back in 2005 The Plaza Hotel was set to completely close down for renovations. No commerce would pass in or out whatsoever for the next few years. Under *much* local controversy the improvements called for half the building to be redesigned as big-ticket condo space while the other half would remain good ol’ original hotel space.

That same year I had a tight group of friends that I watched The OC with every week. The OC = Fox’s trashy answer for filling the teen drama hole left by Dawson’s Creek the previous year. (One Tree Hill just didn’t cut it.) We gave ourselves ridiculous nicknames (yours truly was P. Body), we had inside jokes, we had favorite bars for pre-drinking (Rodeo Bar) and most importantly we had one dedicated night a week to get drunk, silly, loud and gossipy.

It was OC Night. No one could penetrate our posse. We were our own teen drama.

One drunken OC Night toward the end of the first season someone (that’s the brilliance of a drunken night – there is no accountability – good or bad) had the idea to book a room in The Plaza Hotel on the same evening The OC finale would air. It would be perfect! A respectable farewell homage to both a New York landmark and a season of quality television programming.

Two OC Night members walk into The Plaza:

We decided to dress up, have our pre-drinks in the famed Oak Room lobby bar and all crash slumber-party style in the reknowned digs. The thing is… that Thursday night ended up to be the-next-to-the-last-night The Plaza was open for business at all. I think we were the only guests in the entire building. Furniture was already stacked in the hallways, common spaces were dark and locked off… think The Shining. Yeah. Creepy. And not only that, when it came time to settle in and watch Marissa, Summer, Ryan and Seth, President Bush came on to speak instead! NO!

So what did we do? We acted like a teenagers.

Our lone male OC Night member picked up the room phone and called The White House to assertively, but kindly, complain about how inconsiderate it was for President Bush to supersede The OC season finale… we had booked a room in THE Plaza Hotel after all! Surely you’ve heard of it! It’s across the street from the Apple store!

Alas. In the end there was no teen drama cliffhanger. There was only muted Presidential hoo-hah, bottom-shelf whiskey, top-shelf friends and lots and lots of pictures. Best OC Night ever.


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