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and then i was gone January 30, 2012

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“I had come from out of town, and to me New York was a hive. You could not just live here. You had to be somebody, do something, it didn’t matter what. You were not a part of the city unless you were on a bus or a subway and on your way to an office or a factory or a schoolroom. How could you know New York if you had not bolted your lunch in a coffee shop or had not had your subway stall under the East River or had not had to stand on a the bus for 30 blocks because it was rush hour? You could not. The best way to know New York, to learn to love New York, was to let it wear you out.”

– Mary Cantwell, “Manhattan, When I Was Young”


2 Responses to “and then i was gone”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck. Always…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    New York will miss you. I will miss you.

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