vaya con pance

one week in February 8, 2012

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Some random observations from my first week away from city livin’.

1) First things, first:

1) I don’t need 30-45 minutes to get to wherever I’m going. I just need to allow 15 minutes. And I’ll still be early.

2) Don’t go to Wal-Mart. Ever. The motorized fat people will run you over.

3) Well hello, sunset, I have missed you.

4) I will not fight for a parking space close to my destination. I can walk, I LIKE to walk, walking was how I got everywhere. Why don’t people want to walk?? (see #2 above)

5) “Drive-time” radio programming is a strange, mostly annoying, subculture of people who like to hear themselves talk and not really say anything.

6) Dinner is at 6pm?!?!

7) I need to learn to embrace my dishwasher. It is there to help me. “Rinse & reuse” is a thing of the past.

8) Well hello, trees, I have missed you.


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