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all good road trips… March 3, 2012

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…begin with pizza. Or. Wait. Should it be “all good road trips END with pizza?” Hmmmm. Who cares. I’m not sure road trips have anything to do with pizza at all… all I know is that college was probably my best “trip” ever and it was pretty much powered by pizza. So be it.

Tomorrow I embark upon yet another GoGoPance trip; however, this one involves fewer tests, fewer teachers and more of things that have thus far existed only in my sunshiny dreams. Things with names like “Mexican Martinis” and “Breakfast Tacos.” Yes, please. And thank you.

Readers, tomorrow BestGoodFriend Cathy and I leave for a weeklong sojourn to Texas and back, via Memphis with a swing through Austin and Dallas. Ride ’em cowboy.

And to fuel ourselves properly for our trip to culinary [heaven] hell and back, tonight we made homemade pizza topped with broccoli and spinach with a crust made of cauliflower(!). It was actually… quite freakin’ tasty. Stay tuned for the demise of our palates as we head west. And south. Waaaaay south.


One Response to “all good road trips…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So, do you expect the pizza to last the whole trip?
    Send a pic of you riding the bull.

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