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leg one March 4, 2012

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Today, after a mere four hours of sleep (due mostly to a night on the town in Blacksburg and a demanding blog audience), Cath and I set our sails south in “Big Poppa” – the tricked-out 2011 silver Jeep Cherokee we’re driving courtesy of Robert “HI BOB” Stripling. Somewhere near Kingsport, TN we stopped to fuel ourselves on all things smothered, covered, chunked and scrambled and fed Big Poppa a little petrol, too.

We cruised right on past the jump to Central Time and enjoyed a delightful lunch buffet on the center console. Never underestimate the power of sesame sticks and yogurt covered pretzels.

9.5 hours later we picked up our 3rd in command – Tracy “Millertime” Miller – at Memphis International Airport and landed back at Cousin Sara’s house where homemade lasagna, garlic bread, five kinds of Jack Daniels and 3D movies  – inthecomfortofyourownhome – awaited us.

First day. Check! Tomorrow we explore Memphis, TN. Apparently there is a stretch of interstate they call “The Super Collider.” Hmmmmm. Methinks we should just avoid that altogether if we have much more Jack Daniels.



One Response to “leg one”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad you are enjoying “Big Poppa”. He is a heavy drinker.
    Say hello to Memphis. bob

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