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austin to dallas March 8, 2012

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Today’s Birthday Edition post is in honor of travel companion Tracy “Millertime” Miller, who departed our company this morning to return from whence she came, a year older and I’d certainly like to think a little road-wiser, thanks to our journey.

We began the day with the most passionately recommended breakfast tacos this side of the Mississippi River (or at least within the city limits of Austin) at Juan in a Million. Now, I don’t have much to compare them to, but I’ll sure give ’em this… the place sure did look and feel authentic. And the breakfast tacos, for being an average of $2 each, were definitely an affordable event all on their own.

Afterward, in an effort to digest the tortilla-wrapped eggpotatobaconcheese extravaganza, we headed to a hotspot on the “Keep Austin Weird” circuit, a graffiti park (for lack of a better description) not far from downtown. It was tough to keep from breaking into moves from Michael Jackson’s BAD video, but, really, the park screamed way more whimsy than ruin. And the whole thing did present quite the photo opportunity.

Around 5PM we arrived in the metro sprawl known as Dallas, once again crashing with cousins who greeted us with wine, cheese, crackers, a fab home cooked meal and enlightened conversation. I have my own room to stretch out in tonight and Big Poppa has practically a whole driveway to do the same. Sweet dreams, Big Poppa. Rest while you can. Who knows where you’ll be carrying us tomorrow…


2 Responses to “austin to dallas”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Keep on truckin’, Big Poppa! I miss road tripping already!

  2. Bob Says:

    Mary Ann and I cheered your Hokies to Victory in Atlanta while y’all
    stuffed ourselves in Big D

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