vaya con pance

wee wee March 10, 2012

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Today we left Dallas for a 10+ hour return trip to Memphis, our halfway home base (Thanks Mike & Sara!). Big Poppa, no longer able to handle our growing collection of souvenirs and road wares all by himself, decided to hire a sidekick. This morning, on our way out of the North Texas suburbs, we hooked up with “DJ Rattle T.” So named for his pretty mean street rattle.

We headed Northeast for Paris, Texas – home to a fantastic replica of the Eiffel Tower complete with a tilted cowboy hat on top. That extra tilt assured the record books and maniacal Texans everywhere (“It’s GOT to be bigger here!”), that it was measurably higher than Paris, Tennessee’s Eiffel Tower replica. Priorities.

From Paris we drove up to dip a toe in Oklahoma, thusly crossing it off the “states I’ve been to” list. We took a mini detour into Hugo, once known as “Circus City USA,” to walk around Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Years and years of circus entertainers have, uh, retired in the famous “Showmen’s Rest” quadrant of the cemetery. Their graves are adorned with Big Top etchings and encircled by elephant pedestals.

The rest of trip was uneventful save for a quick stop for lunch in Texarkana. We arrived in Memphis in time for dinner and margaritas at Longhorn Steakhouse and eventually back to the warmth and comfort of cheesecake and the familiar Jack Daniel’s variety show. Tomorrow night we land back in Virginia, where I plan to retire sans elephants in the warmth and comfort of my OWN bed.


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