vaya con pance

step by step March 11, 2012

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OK, so I lied. Tonight I am not settling in the warmth and comfort of my OWN bed, as I proclaimed late last night. Midway through the drive today we got a wild hair up our hindquarters and decided to go all the way to Staunton, where DJ Rattle T’s contents will be deposited. This gave us roughly a 13-hour day, losing an hour coming back to EST and, really, another to Daylight Savings. As Mom lovingly noted,

“You’re just losing hours everywhere!”

Yeaaaah, time’s tricky that way… slips right away if you don’t have a good grip.

We stopped in Nashville for a late lunch at The Wild Cow, a hippie vegetarian joint. Big Poppa and Rattle T got brilliantly backed into a snug spot, with very little thanks to my stellar coaching.

“Turn this way. No. That didn’t work. How ‘bout the other way? Hmmmm. Back slowly in. Okay straighten it up. Pull forward. Now turn the wheel this way. Hmmm. OK, how ’bout I just stand here and make sure you don’t hit the car next door?”

The food was a nice change from our week of gorging, but we both left burping that weird flavor of faux meat. So of course we had to eat a few [handfuls of] Cadbury mini eggs to take care of that.

At the very end of our longest leg yet we got a little NKOTB surprise on Sirius radio’s 90s on 9, especially appropriate because on this very date (March 9) 22 years ago, we went to the New Kids concert at the Roanoke Civic Center. Pivotal times all around, I tell ya, pivotal times.


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