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still hangin’ tough March 17, 2012

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Being back in town I frequently find myself replaying entire scenes of yesteryear in my noggin. As I mentioned, I’m not only living in the same house I learned to walk in, but I’m also cruising around the entire NRV like I expect it to be new or something. But it’s not. Elements are new, liiiiike me, for example and, like, my car. But other than a few accessories here and there (grey hair and my own health insurance), it’s pretty much status quo.

Last Thursday night I went to see Elton John with bestgoodfriend Mary Jean at the Roanoke Civic Center. Now, Roanoke of yesteryear = a big, maybe-a-little-scary, city. Roanoke of today = notsomuch. However, the two opposites mushed nicely together as I became one with the tidal wave of ticket holders rolling in to see their fave musical idol. Flash back to March 9, 1990. Pance = 14 years old. Scene = Roanoke Civic Center. Musical Idols = New Kids on the Block.

Sure, this time I didn’t bring an “I Heart Elton” sign and Mom wasn’t exactly waiting for me at the McDonald’s across the street to drive me home and I didn’t stand on my chair or scream until fake tears rolled down my cheeks. (In fact, I was slightly annoyed when the people in front of me did stand up. Can’t we all just sit down, relax and enjoy the music?) But the same big-time, big-city, big-name-star buzz was there.

Thank goodness that didn’t change. Because if I had suddenly found myself disenchanted it would have, I dunno, made me feel old. And we can’t have that.

*Author’s Note* Half the fun of digging out old pictures is seeing what I wrote on the back of them. Apparently I didn’t quite know how to label what Joe was doing here so I abandoned the task altogether. Joe on fire? Joe on a riser? Joe on drugs? Joe on… me? (GASP!) I guess the best option was just to leave Joe (and likewise my googly-eyed teenage obsession so I wouldn’t miss it 22 years later) immortally… on.


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