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newest addtion March 28, 2012

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I would like to announce the arrival of the newest kid on the Blacksburg block. Blog fans and readers, I give you, MOW POWER:

GoGoPance = Blogger. Gym Rat. Steamer of Kale. Cyclist. Lawn Mower Owner. Scary.

I tried mowing the lawn once when I was a Teen Pance and the one memory that stands out from the experience is that I could not hear my yellow, waterproof, Sony walkman tunes above the roar of the engine. So naturally I – with unquestionably the mature grace of a teenager – bowed out of the chore. Now, with all the advancements in portable music, the rock ‘n’ roll from my green iPod Shuffle and status-symbol white ear buds was loud ‘n’ clear. Phew.

Yesterday, to avoid the horrifying label of quickly becoming THAT yard, Mow Power, my blaring tunes and I strolled in a counter clockwise direction around the backyard and then rinsed-and-repeated for the front. Et voila:

Straight lawn lines and all, people! I must say, mowing is a hugely satisfying task, with the manual labor accomplishment + instant gratification thing its got going for it. Though, I kept looking up at the porch thinking I’d see a hot, shirtless dude holding an icy pitcher of lemonade out for me. Alas, no dude. Good thing he has all summer to show up… people keep telling me I’ll have to mow AGAIN. Sheesh.


2 Responses to “newest addtion”

  1. C. West Says:

    I am so proud of you. keep that up and we will have to visit.

  2. Bob Says:

    If we had a lawn, we would invite you to a mowing party.
    Finally listened to all the songs from the road trip,
    Some of the bass shook me and Big Poppa.
    Thanks for the memories.

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