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the wave June 22, 2012

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I know. I know. “WHERE is Switzerland?!?!” Oh I can hear you. Never fear, posts are coming, but I am waiting for pictures to arrive from one fellow traveling companion so I have a full set from which to choose for this forum. It is important to select only the finest quality so your oooohs and ahhhhs are maximized.

In the mean time, I give you a post about my “new” car. Sure, I bought it in February, but it still feels new to me – having not owned a vehicle in 9 out of the last 10 years. It’s super fun and I haven’t even taken it all apart yet. Since my bike, as you know, is “Skinny B,” I named the Wrangler, “Big B.” They are the same color, exactly, so I’m dealing with the same baby daddy at least.

Occasionally when I pass car kindred on the road, I’ll get the steering-wheel-grip-finger-wave/slight-head-nod gesture. At first I thought it was just everyone being southern and neighborly, but it was always folks in Wranglers. Then I learned of the “Wrangler Wave” (unofficial title). Apparently, Wrangler owners wave to each other. To me it simply says, “Hey, looks like you’re cool, too.”

So now I relish being part of the in-crowd. I Wrangler Wave like I invented it, baby. At least now I know to expect it, instead of being caught off guard and clueless while picking my nose or some other solo car behavior, like digging for CDs or wedgies. Yes, yes, I’m cool, too. I swear.


One Response to “the wave”

  1. Chris West Says:

    Being a long time Jeep owner I wanted to give you more Info On the origination of the “wrangler wave”
    When I was a wee lad in 1981 my dad purchased a new Jeep. Other Jeep owners always waved to us. I asked my dad about it and he said it was in te instruction manual and all keep owners were suppose to wave to each other. I looked and sure enough there was an illustration of a guy in a jeep waving to another guy in a jeep.
    Now this is the problem. In 1987 te wrangler was first made. Traditional jeep owners did not like these square light Jeeps. Wrangler owners wanted to be part of the “club” and would wave to the CJ’s. Eventually the CJ owners stopped waving to the wrangler owners and we now have a bit of racism.
    Flash forward to 1991 and I buy my 85 CJ-7. I start with a wave to every
    Jeep owner. But time moves on and I feel a kindred to the other CJ’s. Slowly I stop waving to the new Wranglers and they stop waving to me.
    To this day I get waves, number 1 signs and such from
    My fellow CJ owners. The Wrangler, Rubicon and such do not participate.
    I was actually did not know the new owners waved to each other.
    Enjoy your Jeep. I love mine to this day. Tina always says I would
    Get rid of her before I got rid of my CJ.
    Guess we are in different clubs, only separated by a few differences.

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