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music city July 24, 2012

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Two weekends ago bestgoodfriend Cathy and I adventured to Nashville, Tennesee for a few days. And as it turns out, it’s quite a fun place. I mean, when you build a southern city on hot cowboys playing guitars you can’t really go wrong.

We spent three days checking out the neighborhoods, eating in fun restaurants, drinking some local Yazoo brew (Dos Perros Ale) and gawking unabashedly at adorable musical talent. One morning we walked all around the Opryland Hotel monstrosity before concluding it was just a little too Vegas (read: lacking in gritty boys singing on bars) for us. But it was worth seeing, nonetheless.

We left Nashville via Lynchburg, TN for a tour of Jack Daniel’s Distillery. We smelled the mash, saw the coal-making process firsthand and – because our curiosity was, uh, spiked – spent a good hour reading allllll about the history, creation and varieties of whiskey on the way home. Thank you iPad o’ info.



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