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Switzerland Day #1 August 6, 2012

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Too much time has elapsed since I was in Switzerland. The travel high that lingers after a great adventure has gone bye-bye. I look at pictures daily, trying to meditate myself *back* to that happyplace, but it hasn’t really worked. Which is actually what keeps me anxiously planning future gallivants; something must always be on the horizon. Many are addicted to buzzes of the substance-abuse kind. My name is Pance and I’m addicted to buzzes of the travel kind. Hi Pance.

So in my slackitude I’m just going to post pictures. I will include little/no commentary unless there is a particularly interesting story or quip to share. Pictures are a higher currency than whatever words I could pull together anyway. And I’m lazy. And ready to get past the lingering Switzerland blog devil on my shoulder already.

First off – I was able to sleep most of the 10 hour flight from Dulles to my connection in Istanbul where I met up with fellow traveler, Alex. Maybe it was all the free wine or my boring cinema selection but, regardless, waking up and realizing I only had two hours to go was pretty serendipitous.

Eunice, our third mate, was waiting for us in Zurich, where we began the journey. We each rented one extra bike battery as back-up and followed red bike route signs each day. Day 1 = Route 99, which meandered through the alpine foothills. After biking around 30 miles we landed in the town of Willisau for the night.


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