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Switzerland Day #2 August 7, 2012

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The second day awarded us our first *real* climb. I had a mini panic attack because, as it turns out, I was using the bike assistance mechanism terribly wrong. I thought I was ready (thumbs up guys!!) because, as a cyclist, when I spy a hill my body automatically starts to pedal harder, faster, stronger. I got this! Well unbeknownst to me my added effort was sending a message to my bike that it didn’t need to work as hard to help me. But by the end of the day I had learned how to back off and let the bike do it’s thing when I needed it to. An entirely strange, but welcome, sensation.

I developed a fascination for the glorious chorus of actual cowbells that clanged along most of our farm-side stretches. If you turn up the volume you can enjoy them, too, along with our not-so-unique SNL commentary:

We got a little lost in the middle of the day but eventually found ourselves back on track and biking past some local kids’ snack stand. Despite blank language-barrier stares on both our behalves, I managed to utter “rice cake” with a deliberate point to such and viola, rice cake was mine.

Our second night was spent at a hostel in the lakeside city of Lucern. We dined on fondue (Switzerland = cheese, naturally) and closed out the day with a nightcap at a German beer garden; however, exhaustion had set in so deep no beer could cure.


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