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Switzerland Day #3 August 8, 2012

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We got a pretty early start leaving Lucern the next day because our hostel roommate from Beijing told, what I’m sure were, fascinating stories in his sleep all night. But alas, it was nothing a little coffee, some breakfast and gorgeous lake views out of town couldn’t make up for.

Midday stop in a cute town square for a drink and a check of the map.

We went up, up, up and up a 10% grade incline on gravel until we had beautiful views of the lake below…

… then we continued down, down, down and down gravel switchbacks on the mountain behind the town of Meiringen (pictured below), where we bunked for our 4th night’s stay. I treated myself to a Kinder Egg which yielded us a toy Gargamel. Turns out he was thirsty, too, so he joined us for our routine end-of-day beer. Even though he didn’t earn it at all.


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