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Switzerland Day #4 August 9, 2012

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Good Morning Day #4. After a yummy Euro-style continental breakfast, which we had become deliciously addicted to (bread, cheese, meats, yogurt, granola, incredibly strong kick-you-in-the-ass coffee), we climbed up and out the other side of Meiringen, driving ourselves even closer to the Alps.

Simply because the song got stuck in my head the moment we landed in Switzerland, I was compelled to reenact Maria’s hilltop spin – even though Maria wasn’t in Switzerland at all and I’m not on a hilltop. Details. Thanks to Alex for his lovely sound of music. Side note: we had a trip-long joke of always looking for Gandalf – also nowhere near Switzerland.

Today we would go up and over Grosse Scheidegg mountain pass, past the vegetation line and into the snow. Our bikes lend great perspective here:

The descent from the tippy top down into the town of Grindelwald ended up the highlight of our trip. The adrenaline rush was unbelievable, we flew. Once in town we scored hostel-style accommodations once again, hung out with our newfound friends from Salt Lake City and bar-hopped with locals. Best. Day. Ever.


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