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Switzerland Day #Last August 10, 2012

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Leaving Grindelwald for Interlaken, another sparkly lakeside city and our final stop, was tough. We loved Grindelwald, we were loving our trip and it was all just about over. Upon arrival we went grocery shopping for lunch and biked to the water’s edge. Alex exchanged some fighten’ words with a nasty swan who tried to neck his way into our meal.

Our ride back to the hotel was quiet. I like to think it was because we were each spending some time in our heads, reviewing the past several days, reliving the adventure. There was a melancholy awareness (at least por moi) that once we got off our bikes this time we weren’t getting back on.

I still had to survive an overnight+ layover in Istanbul (where I managed to sleep on a bench – pictured – for 3 hours), but the party at large was over.

My speed topped out at 52km and we covered about 115 miles of ground total. Not too shabby.

I did *not* sleep much during the 10 hour return flight into wild, wonderful Dulles International. I watched “We Bought a Zoo” and cried through the whole thing while I slowly got drunk on free whiskey. Sometimes it can be cleansing to feel emotions so powerfully, good or bad. It makes me kind of thankful to feel anything at all. So many people just don’t. While I was doing zombie laps around the plane I rolled the vacation over and over again in my head and wondered if I could call it the best trip I’ve ever taken. That’s a serious designation, after all. But I think the jury’s still out… which means the challenge to top it is right. there. waiting.


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