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San Antonio February 1, 2013

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So here I am in San Antonio, Teyhas soakin’ up some 70s sunshine, lounging poolside with my book whilst my SWVA brethren are flooding from torrential amounts of rain. Speaking of this week’s storm, Gemini flew *over* the rain + winds + tornadoes two days ago from CLT > ATL > SAT. Never in all my ever have I experienced turbulence like that. I closed my eyes, pulled the window shade and said my last prayers, hoping only to be visiting that open bar in the sky quicker rather than slower.

Alas. We made it. Wiping brow.

The view for me has been mostly inside the resort compound, which is cool since it’s about 300 acres in size and has multiple pools, walking/running trails and a gym. All of which I’ve utilized. I’m a +1 at the annual Toro conference, so while I’m rocking in the sunshine on the back deck between free meals I also get a view of lawn mowers. There’s even something called a “Lawn Mower Rodeo” on the itinerary this afternoon. I’m intrigued. I may just have to tear away from reading to see what that’s all about.

lawn mowers

Last night we were shuttled down to San Antonio’s claim-to-fame River Walk for dinner at The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum, home to the Texas Ranger Museum and over 500 species of taxiderm’ed wildlife. Having hundreds of marbled eyes watching you eat plates of meat is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime treat.


For a nightcap we used the restrooms in the famous Menger Hotel and then strolled by The Alamo. The Alamo is tucked downtown inside modern day San Antonio which usually results in everyone exclaiming disappointedly, “It’s so small!” But really, people? Do you think they had  high rises in 1836? Me thinks it’s quite ironic (ironic?) that the beloved “Shrine of Texas Freedom” is by popular opinion considered small.



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