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Across the Plains of Texas February 3, 2013

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So the Toro Dealer conference ended with lovely dress-up-required awards banquet on Friday night. So don my best bib ‘n’ tucker I did and it was either because of or in spite of that (Mow Power close your ears), that I was one of four to win a $1500 lawn mower. It will of course be resold and the monies allocated to the “Texas in February” trip fund of 2013.

On Saturday, one piece of crimson power equipment richer, Gemini took to the side roads heading West with a final destination of Big Bend National Park. In Del Rio we drove up to the Mexican border just to see what it was like. Check!


Several hours later we arrived at our Casita, our “small house” for the next couple days, located in the town (used loosely) of Terlingua, Texas.


Today we spent the entire afternoon exploring Big Bend. We hiked about a mile up into the Santa Elena Canyon which was cut sometime before this year by the mighty Rio Grande. It was an overcast day, ideal for hiking in the desert, but blue sky started to peak through long enough to provide some cool visual contrast and afford us a pretty descent sunset (not pictured). Spending time in the desert is kind of amazing. I never think I’ll like it or deem it pretty, but it always humbles me in ways nothing else really does. In the East it’s very rare, if it even exists at all, to look all around you as far as the eye can reach and *not* see another man-made structure. It’s rather claustrophobic actually. Don’t worry… I’m not gonna up and move across the Mississippi any time soon, but I think I need to de-East myself on a regular basis. If only to remind myself how very small I am and how very quiet it can be.




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