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Day #2 Big Bend February 6, 2013

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We started out the day with a 5 mile hike along the Lost Mine Trail, an up up up then down down down adventure. There were pretty spectacular views the entire way.


Then we drove over to the far east end of the park to hike into the Boquillas Canyon, yet another attraction carved by the mighty Rio Grande. Mexico is fully accessible from this hike by a mere wade across the river (pictured). And, naturally, vice versa. We were told by our casita host to be aware of trinkets that the children of Boquillas del Carmen sneak over and leave for sale to Big Bend tourists. We found several piles of beaded goods, all with a menu of prices.



Big Bend, I didn’t know you existed, you are not easy to get to and you are a little risqué in your proximity to a foreign country (we needed to confirm our US citizenship to border patrol twice). But in two short days I managed to pack out a lot of awe, a curiosity for the miles of trails left unxplored and a longing to visit you again.



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