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Babymoon 2013 July 17, 2013

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Having a doctor’s appointment on a Monday and then not another until a week+ later on a Thursday meant just one thing for our July 4th holiday… a nice long gap of time for a road trip. So, pretending we weren’t 3 weeks shy of go-time, we hopped in our new, responsible baby mobile (Toyota Camry), strapped in Baby Cindy for good measure and turned west. Commence the late, great Babymoon of 2013.


Our first stop was Columbia, MO to watch fireworks, eat some corn dogs, sleep a little and then continue on until we hit the Colorado Rockies. We here at Gemini Headquarters don’t take road tripping lightly.

Once in Colorado, we camped with howling coyotes one night and a flash thunderstorm the next – both going down in the memoirs as giddy, high-adrenaline fun. In between tenting we went white water kayaking through class 3 rapids on the Arkansas River. The outfitters barely blinked an eye at my 9-month bump and there was no hesitation when zipping me up in the [extra large] wetsuit. Kindred adventurers. Jim ended up, as they called it, “going swimming” (a.k.a, falling overboard) three times to my one. Perhaps the extra weight of Zeke (or paddling for my life +1) kept me on top of the falls instead of in them.

The next day we drove over Independence Pass, crossed the Continental Divide at 12,000 feet and hiked to the breathtaking Maroon Bells outside of Aspen, CO. Fellow hikers had a lot more to say about the pregnancy, all asking in awe about the baby’s due date. Jim jumped in to assure them as long as there were sharp rocks he could sever the umbilical cord just fine. Some seemed to pick up speed after that, wanting nothing to do with our delicate condition in the indelicate conditions. Others shared the occasional “good for you” and offered opinions on baby hiking backpacks.

Then there was just lots of driving, which in itself can be an adventure as long as you’re not in Kansas. We ended up squeaking back into town with one hour to spare before my doctor’s appointment. Umbilical cord, major body parts and fantastic memories all safely in place. And now, much like the swarms of all major media outlets in London, we wait…